The Art Of Coffee In Palermo

Since 1928 we have been dedicated our passion and experience to the art of coffee. A love that evolves every day, always looking for the best that each grain contains in it self. That’s why we decided to create a place where coffee tasting becomes a pure pleasure, combined with new forms and textures in which mixtures and noble and fine aromas are protagonists.

Welcome to Casa Stagnitta: from ice creams, to the granita to desserts and biscuits, a place where everything is in the name of the coffee, all in the name of someone who made and continues to make the history of coffee in Palermo.

The Coffee Roasters

A “concept bar” that makes coffee the main element to be enjoyed in all its forms.

Located in Discesa dei Giudici in Palermo, next to the historic roasting, Casa Stagnitta is a place where coffee lovers will find food and drink based on this precious aroma and the good flavors of the past.

The restaurant

The culinary proposal of Casa Stagnitta is based on the absolute quality of local raw materials, treated and respected according to the ancient tradition.
While visiting the historic center of Palermo, surrounded by the architectural beauty of the city, you can enjoy a lunch at our restaurant, which has recently launched the new seasonal menu, to be discovered.